Head Coach George Karl has won many battles. 1108 to be exact!!! That is the number of games he's won, which makes him the current title holder for the most wins as an active NBA Head Coach. He has held that record since former LA Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson retired last season (Phil's record is 1155 victories).

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With Tuesday night's (Feb. 19th, 2013)  at home payback win over the Boston Celtics, he obtained a new milestone: his 400th win as head coach for the Denver Nuggets. In his 9 year tenure  with the Nuggets, he has battled neck and throat cancer, defeated both, and since his recovery, has not missed a game.

Coach Karl has racked up a heck of a resume over the years, leading Denver to 9 straight winning seasons, at the same time leading them to the finals. Now let's just pray he can get them to a championship in the near future.