The Natrona County Mustangs dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage against the Laramie Plainsmen tonight in Laramie.

The rain stayed just to our east for the entire game and Sam Turner took advantage early.  Turner opened the scoring for the game with a 1 yd dive for a TD, then added 3 passing touchdowns on their way to victory.

NC led 21-6 at the half.

Logan Wilson added a 23 yd field goal in the 3rd quarter bring the score to 24-6, mustangs out front.

Turner would dive in again from 1 yd out in the beginning of the 4th qtr (pat was no good) making the score 30-6.

Logan Wilson on defense then stepped in front of the would be receiver on the very next possession for Laramie and would return the interception to the house.  A 26 yd interception return for a TD made the final score 37-6.

NC improves their standing to 2-1 while Laramie falls to 1-2 this season.