Say What?

What up people?  Denver just keeps on rollin!  By the same token, I have no idea why Oakland thought that Carson Palmer could come out of retirement and help them win.  They should have left him alone.

Well, I knew the Falcons were going to fall but I didn’t think the Panthers would be the one to do it.  That really surprised me.  Seattle left Arizona in the dust.

The Cowboys found a way to win again on Sunday, even with the tragedy that happened with their team over the weekend.  Wow sometimes this time of year is just crazy.

Another surprise was Philadelphia pulling it out over the Bucs.  Didn’t see that one coming.

The Chargers finally won one, against the Steelers, no less!  The Jets, also won as did the Colts.

What happened to the Bears?  Puts the Packers on top of the NFC North – as they won against the Lions on Sunday night.  Go Pack Go!!!

The New York Giants, they are just ridiculous this time of year; they clobbered the Saints and speaking of getting clobbered, the Pats completely dominated the Texans last night.  It was unreal.

So, looking to next week…we have the Giants going to Atlanta after the Falcons loss; that should be a good game; Packers at the Bears is always a good game; and the Sunday night game with New England and San Francisco is another one I am looking forward to.  The Broncos travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, which I think will be a good game also.

Have fun as we wind down the season; I know I am!!!


That is just my opinion, keep it real!