There aren't too many places other than Wyoming that can host an event like this one. It is loud, smells like gunfire, and is totally awesome. If you have never been to the Central Wyoming Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot, you should treat yourself. This year's spectacle was a blast benefiting Hunting With Heros.

The event is your chance to shoot about any type of machine gun (at about $1 per round.) They fly remote airplanes as targets. At scheduled times, you get a chance to blow some stuff up with their dynamite reactive targets. Then at the end of the night is the "Mad Minute" where the entire shooting line lights up this Wyoming mountainside with thousands of tracer rounds.

A few years ago at the 20th Anual Shoot, there were rumblings that the event was going away, but alas the tradition continues under different leadership from the Central Wyoming chapter. In 2017, the Northern Rockies chapter ended managing the event.

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