Here we are again with high wind advisories in Wyoming. Trucks are on their sides and junk is blowing into our yards from our neighbors, in Idaho.

Here are 5 videos that show the lighter side of dealing with Wyoming wind.


  • 1

    Secret To Dealing With The Wyoming Wind

    Listen closely and you will learn.

  • 2

    Ducks blown off their feet by the wind

    How do a mother duck and her ducklings fare against strong wind? Find out!

  • 3

    Why You Don’t See Many Umbrellas in Wyoming

    This average umbrella a stress test against the "average" 30 to 40-miles-per-hour Wyoming wind. In this battle of man-versus-nature, nature will win, but how soon?

  • 4

    Wyoming Sucks

    She tries to explain why but it is too windy to hear her.

  • 5

    Surfing Through the Fire and Flames

    Honestly they did not need a car to pull of this trick. They could have just stepped outside on a day like today.

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