Each region of America has a list of things that can only happen in that place. That is part of the fun of living in a country so big and diverse.

Here are 5 things that can only happen in Wyoming. Follow the links and see.

1). Ice flow fishing. Anyone can fish on the ice. How many places do people fish on the ice flow?

2). Extreme Wind Sports. Enjoy this video of the annual extreme wind races that can only happen in Wyoming.

3). Napping trucks. Wyoming highways are so long even a big truck can get tired. Some times they just lay down on the side of the road and sleep.

4). Jackalope Rutting Season. Only in Wyoming and only for a short time each year can you hear the calls and the sounds of battle of bull Jackalopes as they battle for a mate.

5). 307 Art. Only in Wyoming do people make art out of the number 307 and hang it. If you don't know why then you are not from Wyoming.

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