To hear city folk talk one would think that Wyoming kids are at a serious disadvantage because they live so far removed from, well, everything. Yet these slickers don't seem to understand the advantages to being raised so far out in the middle America's least populated state.

I recently saw a commercial some teenage boys needed to call their insurance company because they had a flat tire. Really? They know how to drive but don't know how to change a flat?

Here are 5 reasons why Wyoming kids will grow up smarter than any city kid.

1). With not so much to do in a town with a population of 50 a kid has to use his imagination. That means working the brain just to have fun. Kids who have to think grow up smarter.

2). Wyoming kids tend to start working as soon as they start walking. Good work ethics and the skills work teaches a young one means they will survive in the worst of times.

3). That little thing called common sense can only be learned the hard way. It goes hand in had with wisdom, which comes from hard work, experience, not being afraid to make mistakes and brain power. (See items 1 and 2).

4). There is a thing called Wyoming Tough. It comes from having to do it the hard way because the easy way never made it this far out into the county. Wyoming kids do not get participation trophies. They have to earn what they have.

5). Patients, manners, community and family. Those things come from living in a place where people need to rely on each other just to survive. In Wyoming people know their neighbors and rely on them. In the city people lock their doors because they do not trust their neighbors.

People in the city feel sorry for Wyoming kids. They also have no idea what to do when a Wyoming young one says uses words like 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'.

BONUS REASON: Wyoming kids know how to change flat tires.

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