Have you ever seen a new invention that made you think, 'That's stupid, weird, who would want that?' only to come back wondering why it took so long for someone to think of it. Worse yet, why didn't you think of it.

Some inventions are better suited for one region of the world over another. Here are 5 weird inventions that every Wyomingite should have.


  • 1

    Automatic Car Tent

    Wyoming has a problem with hail the size of golf balls, or bigger. Summer sun can heat up a car to unbearable temperatures. That is where the car umbrella comes in.

  • 2


    It is one of the hardest questions ever asked in Wyoming, do I buy the ATV or do I buy the jet ski. Answer is, both, with the quadski.

  • 3

    Portable Water Power Generator

    How the heck can anyone go camping today if they can't charge their cell phone? That is where a tiny generator comes in that fits into the back pack. Just add water.

  • 4

    Sound Grenade

    It has the name Grenade in it, and it scares bears. That is all you need to know.

  • 5

    Invention Catches Fish For You

    I know it's cheating but less time worrying about the fishing pole is more beer drinking time.

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