There are some really easy way to make someone from Wyoming mad and most of them come from people that are visiting or have never set foot inside the cowboy state.

The website Only In Your State put together a list of some of the sure fire ways to piss off someone from Wyoming and some of them are spot on.

Even though most residents here love the slower pace of life, we take offense to anyone poking fun at our culture and picturesque state.

Take a look at this list and let us know if any of these would make you mad?  Or add to the list if you think we missed anything.

  1. Calling someone from Wyoming 'Selfish or Lazy'.
  2. Visitors looking for chain retail stores or the closets mall.
  3. Telling us you're gonna take away our guns!
  4. Telling us how you did 'IT' someplace else, especially another state.
  5. Having a Colorado license plate on your vehicle.
  6. Asking 'where are all the Cowboys and Indians?'
  7. Animal activists protesting, especially against hunting.
  8. Tourists driving slow causing a traffic jam or blocking traffic to watch wildlife.

Did we miss anything?  What would you add to this list?

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