There always seems to be little quirks that separate us from our Colorado neighbors, but this may be the strangest one yet.

9News recently reported that a group of individuals in Boulder, Colorado meet once a month and discuss the health benefits of drinking their own urine. The group is Urine Therapy of Colorado and they even have an official page.

Different members of the group have stated the healing powers of drinking urine and using it as a topical ointment (ranging anywhere from making their feet softer, healing eczema on the hands, etc.). The group references a book by fellow Boulder resident, Brother Sage, titled "Healing Water from Within",  as proof of the medicinal effects of urine.

A medical expect from 9NEWS, Dr. Comilla Sasson, warmed people against drinking urine, stating there isn't any scientific evidence to back the groups claims and it could be harmful because of the bacteria.

Well Doc... you have nothing to fear here. There is no way I'm drinking my own pee... EVER!

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