Wyoming is not usually painted in the best light, especially on social media. With all the "Wyoming doesn't really exist" hashtags and the other equally or worse stereotypes associated with the Cowboy State, it's refreshing to get a bit of a head nod. It's even better when it comes from an out-of-stater.

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A TikTok user that goes by megamerican (which may be the most totally awesome screen name ever), has a unique series, where he rates each of the states by how their ice cubes taste. Allow me to elaborate a little further. It's not him going to each state taste testing our ice cubes individually. It's him comparing states by tasting them from a United States shaped ice cube tray, that has each cube separated by state.

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While Wyoming got a very favorable vote. Mr. Mega Americanus (as he is also known), said stated that we tasted "underrated".

While it's very hard to argue with that logic, not all of the continental U.S. received such positive criticism. For example, Ohio did not fair so well.

It is also worth noting that he says "Let's see how she's doing" at the beginning of each video. I'm not 100% sure how or why the sates are female, but in the grand scheme of things, I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm just happy the good ole Cowboy State got some good press. Considering he has over 374,000 followers and over 12 million likes, we can use all the positive social media exposure we can get.

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A TikTok account called @One_Million_Dollars where they share a quick video of what a million-dollar home in each state would look like. In their video about Wyoming, I couldn't believe all the means things people said about our amazing state.

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