There's no doubt the history and wide-open Wyoming is appealing to treasure hunters from all over. Including Lucky Gin, a YouTube treasure hunter and metal detecting enthusiast.

When you come to visit the Cowboy State, you have to be prepared for lots of different issues that may arise. Like 50 mph winds, snow and cold. That's exactly what Lucky Gin experienced when she was here looking for a little bit of Wyoming history. Toward the end of the video, she mentions that it was 88 when she was hunting in Denver the day before and there was snow and 25 degrees when she was here.

If you check out the video, she never says exactly what part of Wyoming she's in, but you may see some things that look familiar. She does mention that she and her friend Duane were hunting, with permission, on a site where an old fort once sat. That information alone lets you know that the chances of finding pieces of history are pretty good.

It didn't take long for items to start being found and one of the first items found didn't even take any digging. Calvary buttons, pieces of chain, buckles, uniform tabs, bullet, nails, and glass were some of the cool things Lucky Gin was able to find during her time in Wyoming.

Relics 1
Lucky Gin via YouTube

With all the rich history in Wyoming, there's no doubt you'd be able to find some incredible pieces of that history. If you are thinking of treasure hunting, make sure you have permission and it's legal to use a metal detecting device to assist in your search for history.

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