I don’t know which President(s) you prefer we celebrate every February, but I'll tell you why my favorite was our first President, George Washington. Actually, the federal government seems to be with me on that, celebrating only the birthday of one President - George.

As for Wyoming, we weren’t a state for the first 114 years, and still never sent any presidents to the nation’s capital, which you know is named after George. The Cowboy State is, however, kind enough to have one of the 41 different state laws about the holiday. That’s right, there are actually nine with no state laws for President’s or Presidents’ Day.

Of course, many states made the holiday expand to include President Lincoln, or even all presidents. Geomtrx.com provided all that information dated 2012, which seems little changed now, according to officeholidays.com.

Either way, Presidents Schmezidents, here’s why, in my opinion, Washington was our best leader ever. By the way, I’m no scholar, but I have studied history – mostly on the History Channel – but it was back before Pawn Stars when there was actual history on that channel, but I digress.

I don’t know if he really “could not tell a lie” when he was a boy, but George Washington was just "Da Man." When there was still no country in the world ruled by its own people, some wanted the General to be King Washington. Asked what he wanted to be called, he’d respond, “Mister President.” And that’s still what we call whoever has held the oval office, though I always thought Andrew Jackson wanted to be King. (Ha! I crack myself up sometimes.)

We had the term of four years, but no limit to the number of times a president could be re-elected until that second Roosevelt guy. Washington, however, did his job and went back to Mount Vernon, whether or not he wanted someone else to see how easy the job was - or was not.

The point is our first President had to set every standard, I think mostly we should all appreciate not just which way those standards went, but also which way they did not go. I mean I’m glad God blessed America with a class act for our first leader - that Andrew Jackson he was not.

If you have Monday off of work, it was still George who did that.