Growing up, hunting and fishing were both a big part of my family. My grandpas, dad, brother, sisters and cousins all were in the woods or on the water on a regular basis.

Thankfully Wyoming is full of hunting and fishing opportunities. Having been here for a few months and still getting settled in, I hadn't had many chances to get out and hunt or fish. That changed when Brian from Rocky Mountain Discount Sports invited me on a pheasant hunt at Riverbend Roosters Hunting & Shooting Reserve just outside of Casper.

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Every week, Brian and I chat on Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors (Sunday mornings at 9am or OnDemand 24/7) and finally got to do more than just talk about it. We hopped in the truck and headed the 30 minutes to meet up with Bob Borden from Riverbend Roosters Hunting & Shooting Preserve. Bob is going to be a guest on W.H.H.O. this Sunday morning, so set a reminder to listen. Not only does Bob run things around Riverbend Roosters, but he'll help you train your dog with Borden Creek Labradors. 

For those of you that have only hunted in Wyoming, may not know that when you're hunting in other parts of the country you don't have the options that you have here. For example, you can be on an elk hunt in the morning, hunting pheasant midday, fishing mid afternoon and duck hunting late afternoon. Most other places your options are limited to usually just one hunting or fishing activity.

The weather here is questionable from time to time but a quote I heard yesterday from Brian sums it up nicely.

If you plan your activities around the weather in Wyoming, you're never going to be doing anything

If you're looking to do a upland bird hunt, duck hunt or shoot sporting clays check them out.

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