Ahead of the biggest moment of Logan Wilson's life, playing in the Super Bowl, he shared the tribute video that the Natrona County High School Commercial Music class created for him on his social mediums.

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Taking to his Instagram page, Wilson shared the NCHS tribute on his story, saying that he was "thankful, man."


NC students worked hard to produce this video, which is a mashup of fight songs, combining Cincinnati's 'Bengals Growl' chant, along with the NCHS 'Who Dey' chant.

Kelby Eisenman, the Vocalist teacher for the Natrona County Commercial Music Class, said that "This class functions as a 35-piece band, in which we also learn the process of designing a music set, producing tracks, advertising our business, marketing, recording, lighting, and sound production."

It's a slick production, with great sound and fantastic visuals of the students cheering their hometown boy on.

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"NCHS has an overall fantastic visual and performing arts program, which is the reason why we are able to produce such awesome content," Eisenman stated. "Logan Wilson is a local hero at NC. Frequently this past summer, Logan could been seen practicing on his own NC turf alongside the Natrona County Fighting Mustang Marching Band. We are all honored to put our talent together to create this special piece for Logan, who is a true example of what it means to be a Mustang."

Wilson's fellow Mustangs agree. And they were eager to produce something that would show support for their guy.

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"To be honest, I don't follow football that much so, at first, I didn't realize Logan was playing," said Beau Annon Griffith, one of the students who performed in the video. "But after our directors explained everything, we were all incredibly excited to be able to do something for a former Mustang. The fact that he shared our mashup on Instagram really made everything so much better, because we didn't even know if he would end up seeing it. Overall, this was such an amazing experience. Good luck Logan!!"

Griffith isn't the only Mustang to be excited Joel Reiner is another NCHS student who performed in the video, and he said Wilson is an inspiration to everyone back home.

"I think the amount of support the school and town is giving Logan is so awesome," Reiner stated. "I feel very lucky to be apart of Commercial Music and being able to support Logan. It's very inspiring to see someone from what feels like nowhere, have a spot in one of the country's biggest events. Go Logan!"

Tyler Cooper, another student who performed in the mashup, said that it was exciting that they were able to do something that honored Wilson, but it was equally exciting that he shared it on his social media.

"It's really nice to be able to see someone in the Super Bowl, knowing where they are from," Cooper shared. "In many other states, it's a small pond to an ocean. For us, it's a small puddle to an ocean. Casper is a small town and knowing that someone can break through gives other people hope. So, when he shared our video, it gave us hope that not only is it possible to break through to 'the outside world,'  but that others can still call back to where they came from. He is representing all of Casper. This might be Broncos Country, but Logan is our player, no matter what team he's on."

And he really is. Throughout his career, Wilson has always acknowledged his Wyoming roots. Today is no different, and #55 is keeping Wyoming close to his heart...and his thighs.

Wilson shared photos of himself before the big game and he is rocking Wyoming-themed thigh protectors, making sure that his home state is with him throughout the game.

And boy, will we be. The Super Bowl is exciting every year but, for Wyoming, it's even more exciting this year. Logan Wilson is the first football player from Casper to ever play in a Super Bowl. He has the weight of Wyoming on his shoulders, but he also has the support of Wyoming right behind him. Wyoming is lifting him up on this day, the biggest day of his life and win, lose or draw (we know there aren't draws in football, but just...okay?), we are proud of our hometown boy who made good.

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