May of 1995, graduation day for me and I was ready. After 12  years of waking up early for 9 months of the year and having to go to school was OVER...finally.

I remember the day Friday before graduation we all practiced and walked through the ceremony. We graduated on a Sunday in the hot gym with all of our families cheering us on. When we walked out of the gym that day, we were no longer students.

When the ceremony ends, the graduation parties begin and celebrating the the end to last 12 year chapter of your life was underway. It's a busy day for the graduates, because you have to go to your friends parties, get to your own party, answer questions like "what now?" "where you going to college?" "any plans for your last summer before real life begins?".

You've had your cake and ate it too, now to open the great gifts... this is where my memory starts to get fuzzy. I realize that it's been 27 years, but I can only remember one graduation gift that I got. I only remember that because I just got rid of it a couple years ago. It was a VCR...yep, DVD's weren't a thing yet and I finally had my own VCR.

Drew Kirby/Canva

I bet I opened 50 cards and gifts that day and I can only remember that my dad gave me a VCR.

With graduation season here, how can you give a gift that the graduate will remember?

Sure most everyone would love to have cash, but in 27 years you're not going to remember that your cousin Bob gave you a $20 bill. What if cousin Bob gave you a year long subscription to Netflix? Every time you turn on a movie or binge watch a series, cousin Bob will come to your mind.

Tero Vesalainen

Whether they are graduating high school or college, they're at the next phase of life and finding the perfect gift is more important than just tossing $20 in an envelope.

Business Insider has a great list of ideal gifts for the Class of 2022. They're pretty good idea's, but we wanted to add a few gifts that would be good for a Wyoming graduate too.

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