Music is an important part of our everyday lives and the artists that put their blood, sweat and tears into that music are from each part of the United States. Every state has an artist that was born there, that is a stand out over the rest.

For instance, In Texas, George Strait has sold over 100 million albums and is the best selling artist born in the state.

 Garth Brooks is the best seller born in Oklahoma, selling over 170 million albums.

Johnny Cash was born in Arkansas and has sold 90 million albums, taking the top spot for the Razorback state.

When stories like this come out, people get a little angry because they feel a certain artist is a better choice because they lived in the state. In this particular graphic, the artist has to be 'BORN' in the state to be the top seller.

Top Selling Artist Born In Each State

When you look at Wyoming people automatically jump to Chris LeDoux, that's a great thought because he is such an important part of Wyoming's musical history. LeDoux sold over 36 million albums and would surely be right at the top of the list, except he wasn't born in the Cowboy State.

The artist that claims the top spot was born in Casper, WY in 1950, grew up here until moving out of the state and beginning his singing, songwriting, teaching and artistry career. His name, Spencer Bohren. After leaving Wyoming, he spent time in Colorado and on the West Coast before moving with his wife to New Orleans, LA in 1976.

During his 55 year musical career, Spencer released 20 albums and toured all over the world sharing his music to the masses. His musical style was very wide, covering many different genres. Sadly, Spencer passed away in 2019 leaving behind his wife Marilyn and their children.

Over the years Spencer played shows in Casper and was even a featured performer at Beartrap Summer Festival.

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