There are 2 styles of wrestling that Wyoming High School grapplers are not used to, but a few crash course lessons could get them All-American status.

The 2017 Cadet-Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling National Championships are scheduled to take place July 15-22 in Fargo, North Dakota.

The 15th-18th is Freestyle, while the 19th-22nd is Greco-Roman.

High School competitors from across the country will try to finish in the top 8 of their weight class, in order to earn All-American status.

Compared to Folkstyle wrestling, which is what is seen in most high school and college wrestling events, a competitor can get points in Freestyle Wrestling via taking down an opponent with a throw (5 points), and 1 point if the opponent step out of bounds.

In Greco-Roman, holds below the waist are not allowed.

Both wrestling styles are used in the Olympic games.

Team Wyoming recently held a 3-day practice in Casper to prepare for the tournament.

Rulon Gardner is one of the coaches for Team Wyoming.

He won the gold medal in the 2000 Olympic Games, and the Bronze in 2004.

We'll post more information about the tournament, when the brackets become available.

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