It's one of those things you hope and pray never happens to you. For one Bar Nunn family, it is unfortunately now reality as they lost everything in a house fire. Do you have a heart to help?

Ashley Swartz, her boyfriend and four kids thankfully escaped the fire that happened on October 18 without injury. But, one of their pets didn't and the house and their possessions were a total loss. Ashley has worked at one of our local Taco Johns for the past 6 years and now they have created a GoFundMe page for them.

Lindsey Stillwell of Taco Johns explained their efforts on the GoFundMe page.

We have started an Account at First Interstate Bank that can be donated to from any location in town under “Ashley Swartz Fire Relief Fund”, as well as the convenience of every Taco Johns location in Casper and Mills Wyoming. Feel free to visit any TJ’s lobby or through any drive through, and donate to Ashley and her family. I have also set up a Go Fund Me under the same name that is directly attached to this account for everyone’s convenience. All the proceeds of this fundraising will go to the demolition and purchase of a new home to place at her lot in Bar Nunn.

Lindsey also described how cheerful Ashley has been even after the fire which is amazing. For more information or to donate, you can give at the GoFundMe page as the kind people of Casper rally to try and help this family.

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