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Happiness is an electrifying and elusive state.  Happiness is not the result of bouncing from one joy to the next; researchers find that achieving happiness typically involves times of considerable discomfort.

Finding happiness in your life may be re-evaluating where you live and if you live in Casper or Cheyenne, odds are that you're pretty happy. Wallethub just released 2022's happiest cities in America and Wyoming's two largest cities are both within the top 100.

Cheyenne ranks at #50 and Casper comes in at #79 on the list of happiest places to live. The list ranked the top 182 happiest cities in the United States, so to be in the top 80 is fantastic.

To find the happiest cities, the study took 3 things into consideration.

  1. Emotional & Physical Well-Being
  2. Income & Employment
  3. Community & Environment

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but Casper scored #1 in the community & environment category and Cheyenne just two spots behind at #3. If you've spent ANY time looking around either of the cities, you've seen the love of community and the support that is given.

In Casper alone, you can find a community event happening nearly every day. Organizations that help others are being taken care of by others in the community. With events like Thankful Thursday at the Beacon Club or large events at the Ford Wyoming Center, Casper always shows up to support those that need help.

One of the downsides for each city (if you want to call it a downside) is being hard workers that work lots of hours. Casper ranking at 178 and Cheyenne at 182 for cities that work the most.

This map shows all of the rankings

Source: WalletHub

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