After having a conversation with one of my fellow radio station DJs (that just so happens to be the same age as myself), we started wondering what age is considered "old"?

A study conducted last summer by CBS News stated that "old people are getting older", which in layman's terms, just means that people are living longer on average. For men, middle age is considered 55 and old is 65. For the ladies, add about ten years to those numbers. A hundred years ago though, 65 was considered "very old".

Some recent social media polls have stated that most teens and young adults consider 41 as old. WHAT?! Considering most young folks have never seen an Atari, an 8-track player, a cassette deck, a black and white television or a VCR and I actually only all of the above... maybe 41 is old. I sure hope not.

So the question is:

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