Baby, it's cold outside. Like, really cold. Like, don't want to leave the house, want to stay under blankets and only wear sweatpants and drink hot chocolate and question our existence for the next 4 months cold.

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That being said, Casper Fire-EMS has offered some tips to heat our homes and, if we don't want to accidentally set our house or apartment on fire because we fell asleep watching Schitt's Creek and suddenly our electric heater torched our curtains, it's best that we pay attention.

First of all, Casper Fire-EMS wrote, Casper residents should use heaters that are rated by a qualified testing lab.

Consumer Reports wrote that space heaters such as the Comfort Zone CZ499R or the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold (HP04) are good choices. There's also the Honeywell HZ-980 or the Lasko AW315 Bladeless Tower. And more. You can check out all of the options by visiting this link.

Casper Fire-EMS also wrote that you should keep a clear area around your heater. That means no wayward blankets, or pillows, or anything else that could possibly go up in flame if left unattended.

They also suggested that residents should plug their heaters directly into the wall. That means no extension chords, no plugging it into to the same outlet that's housing your television, your lamp, your PS5, and your VCR. Why do you even have a VCR still anyway?

Finally, Casper Fire-EMS wrote that you should have your wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, and furnaces inspected regularly.

Keep these tips in mind this winter, and you should be fine. It's one thing to be cold and want to feel like you're on fire. It's an entirely different thing to actually be on fire. Follow these tips, and you should be just fine.

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Thanks to our friends at the City of Mills Fire Department and these steps should be discussed and practiced with your entire family and anyone else that lives with you.

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