Halloween in Casper is always a mixed bag. The weather is sometimes really nice and sometimes is just downright awful. Out of the past 30 years, Casper has had 9 frigid Halloweens.

Many Casperites like to claim that the weather on Halloween is always terrible. That is not true for every year, but there have been plenty of years when that was true. Thanks to the Old Farmer's Almanac, I was able to look back in time and see what every Halloween was like in the past 30 years. Before I show you the data, I want you to know that this list is based off of the mean temperature that dropped below the freezing point of 32° F.

Here are the years in Casper that were 'freezing':

  • 1989 - 29.7° F
  • 1991 - 15.0° F
  • 1995 - 28.3° F
  • 1996 - 26.0° F
  • 2002 - 13.6° F
  • 2003 - 14.8° F
  • 2006 - 20.7° F
  • 2017 - 26.0° F
  • 2018 - 31.1° F

This is just the list of the years below the freezing point. There were plenty of years that were pretty close. It is safe to say that Casper has had a lot of cold Halloweens and it looks like 2019 is going to be another one. Stay warm out there.

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