You may be just as confused as I was when you read the word "dadchelor" party. After calling around I found out from my sister that it's like a baby shower for the dad. I had no idea such a thing existed. Which then brings up the question, what type of gift do you bring to such a party?!

So, this is where I need your help. I have no idea what kind of gift to bring and I'm asking, neigh, I am begging for your help for some appropriate gifts that would suit such an occasion.

Do you buy something that is only useful for dad? Or maybe you just buy more stuff for the baby that's on the way. I'll give you a rundown of the gifts that I was thinking about getting and then you can list some better options.

1. Soundproof headphones

2. A year supply of beer

3. A new fishing pole. Not that he's going to have a lot of time to use it, but he can hang it up in the garage and think about the days when he had free time to go and fish.

4. A desktop golf set. You know, for those super stressful days of parenting.

5. This last one is going to benefit mom because let's face it moms are the best. 5 free lessons on how to give the worlds best back massage.

Keep in mind that I am not a husband nor am I a father. Hell, I'm not even in a relationship so my ideas are probably pretty off-kilter as far as what they are going to need to prepare for the baby. That's why I am asking for your help to find the perfect gift!


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