After a recent instance of quickly admiring a member of the fairer sex, I started wondering what determines a glance as complimentary and what could be considered "ogling"?

My friend and fellow on-air personality, the Prairie Wife In Heels herself, Cathy Holman had this to say on the subject:

It is so depending on the individual. A woman's past experiences and self confidence play so much into their reaction. Speaking for myself, I do not mind when men call me "sweetie" or "honey" or "sweetheart", as long as their tone and intention is kind (although I have friends that detest it).

When I am checked out or even whistled at, I am not offended, and yes I usually react in a positive way IF it is followed with appropriate behavior like moving on or complimenting me "you look nice today". If being checked out or whistled at is followed by aggressive staring, rude comments or being approached by a stranger, my back is going to be up and I'm going to be ready to get aggressive.

It's pretty clear for me to determine the intention of the man and if it's respectful or simply complimentary I'm going to be flattered.

We want to know what you think ladies!

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