We are only a few days into 2022 and already, Casperites may have started having issues sticking to those new year's resolutions.

Fear not, my friends, because you are not alone. A new study conducted by credit and finance website, WalletHub, has listed off "2022’s Best & Worst Cities for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions".

Let's start with the good news. Two Wyoming cities made the list. Both the state capital and Oil City made the list. The bad news though, is that neither city ranked particularly high. Cheyenne did score better overall, ranking at 102nd, while Casper landed at the 129th spot.

Source: WalletHub
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Out of the 180 American cities that made the cut, WalletHub ranked them by these key metrics (Casper's rankings included):

  • Health Resolutions: 134th
  • Financial Resolutions: 52nd
  • School & Work Resolutions: 124th
  • Bad-Habit Resolutions: 103rd
  • Relationship Resolutions: 155th

Those certainly aren't the best numbers, but far from the worst as well.

WalletHub also stated:

More than 7 in 10 people admit they have failed to uphold their New Year’s resolutions in the past, but there’s no reason not to try again. As we set our goals for 2022, some of the biggest financial resolutions you might want to consider include paying off some of your credit card debt, adding to your emergency fund and paying bills immediately after getting a paycheck.

There's definitely some sound advice there. One thing to keep in mind as well is the 21/90 rule, which states:

If you can keep up something for three weeks and then ninety days, then it should become a permanent lifestyle change.

Three weeks doesn't seem like a lot of time. So set those goals and stick to them. 2022 can most definitely be your year.

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