The Casper Police Department has been very diligent with keeping residents abreast on the safety of children, especially in regard to them being left unattended in vehicles during these summer months.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page posted the following graphic along with a message that read:

A child in distress due to heat should be removed from the vehicle as quickly as possible and rapidly cooled.

The Casper PD also posted this graphic with the message:

Write a note or place a stuffed animal in the passenger's seat to remind you that a child is in the vehicle.

While some residents had some not-so-nice things to say in the comments section concerning the subject, several national studies have proven that parents, even those that consider themselves good parents, have still left children in vehicles (albeit accidentally) alone before. A very scary statistic posted by east coast news outlet, Journal Sentinel, stated that on average, 37 babies and young children die each year after being forgotten in a hot car.

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