It has been quite a long time since Casper has had the pleasure of enjoying Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, locally at least. It's been about as long since the last Roberto's location closed.

We asked our social media followers earlier in the week, if they could choose only one, Popeyes or Roberto's, which one would you bring back. Your answers surprised us!

About 75% of Casperites responded by saying they would prefer to have Popeyes come back.

Considering Roberto's was locally owned and operated, and how much Casper loves to support our local business owners, we were shocked at the outpouring of support for Popeyes. After going through all the comments, it seems to be an age thing as well. A lot of the younger generation aren't old enough to remember Roberto's, while some folks didn't live in town while any of its locations were open, but most folks have eaten at a Popeyes at some point in their lives, even if it wasn't at the Casper location.

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