We wanted you to give us your best Fake Food Trucks names via our Facebook page using only "the color of your shirt + the last thing you ate".

Casper sounded off in a big way! We had almost 200 comments and some of them were quite hilarious.

Here our some of our favorites. Some of these, surprisingly enough, would make awesome names for actual restaurants.

  • Black Floral’s Chicken and Pastas
  • Red, White & Blue Pizza
  • Leopard Subs
  • Pink Paisley Noodle
  • Blue Flower Coffee 
  • The Green Nugget
  • The Plaid Burrito
  • The White Gyro
  • Multicolored Fries
  • The Blue Pretzel

There were some other very questionable (yet super funny) entries that didn't make this G-Rated cut, but feel free to check them all out.

Would you order from any of the above named fake food trucks?

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