Some pretty big news for all of the folks in Casper that love games & comics, but have to either buy them online or take a trip to Colorado to actually go into a store and browse the selection.

Seidr's Den is opening September 1st in downtown Casper (933 N Center) and it will be the one-stop-shop for all the comic book nerds who also love intense board & card games like Magic the gathering!

I honestly can't wait till they open and hopefully, they've got some D&D stuff as well. My family and I love to sit down and lose an entire Saturday rolling dice and screaming at one another about how the game plays out. That's true family bonding right there.

These are just a couple of awesome things that they have in store for you when you go visit them on September 1st. You can check out more photos on their Facebook page and start planning out what you'd like to get your hands on.

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