As we are getting into these colder months here in Casper, my mind is flooded with memories of what I used to do during my summer vacations as a kid. Growing up here there were certain things that my friends and I used to go do that could be considered as "hidden treasures."

One of those would be the spillway out in Paradise Valley. Back in the day that was the hang out spot for a lot of us kids. And on top of which is was a free swimming pool, so when we couldn't get our parents to give us money for the pool we would rummage the kitchen for snack and head out to the spillway. It's one of those well kept spots that wasn't always the safest but between the tire swing and rope tied to a tree, made it one of the best summer hang outs as a kid! It's been a while since I had made it out there, so i'm not entirely sure it still exists.

Did you ever make it to the spillway as a kid?

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