If you just have to have the most expensive home currently available in Natrona County, this is it. It's a 5-bed, 4-bath home in Casper.

Just for fun, decided to do a search for the most expensive home currently on the market in our area. According to Zillow, it's a beautiful home located at 1350 Morado Drive in Casper.

This is a new home that was built in 2016, according to the listing. To show you how wide open this area is, the Google Map street view picture of this lot happened about 5 years before the home was built.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The Zillow listing says this home occupies 8500 square feet which is pretty epic considering that includes a nice backyard view of Casper Mountain.

As much as I would love this, not sure my banker would answer my phone call since the asking price is $1.85 million. I have no doubt it's worth it if you have the coin and want the notoriety of buying the most expensive home currently on the market.

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