Trees and shrubs can add to your landscape, but can also create unintended danger.  Officials with the City of Casper are reminding property owners that trees and shrubs can create safety issues in the public right-of-way.

“We are asking property owners to take a look around their property and trim or remove any overgrown trees and shrubs that obstruct traffic visibility at intersections and alleys, obscure street signs, block sidewalks, or hang too low over any public street or alley,” said Craig Collins, building/code enforcement manager, who suggested property owners ask themselves the following questions:

  • Can pedestrians walk safely down the sidewalk?
  • Do vehicles have a clear view of street and traffic signs, crosswalks, pedestrians, young children playing, and other vehicles at intersections?
  • When weighted down with snow and ice, will low hanging branches obstruct or strike snowplows, emergency vehicles, and garbage collection vehicles?
  • Are there dead branches or trees that may fall and damage property or cause injuries?

Officials say the Municipal Code requires that all trees and shrubs must be trimmed to at least 15-feet above streets and alleys, at least 8-feet above all sidewalks, and cannot obstruct the view at intersections. “In addition to the healthy trees and shrubs that spread out and become obstructions, many trees in Casper have been traumatized by the extreme weather we have had the last few years and are in need of care or are dead,” said Collins.

He says property owners can contact the City of Casper Parks & Rec Department, (307) 235-8283, or the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Office, (307) 235-9400, for help in assessing the health of their trees. “Both offer free yard calls," Collins said, "and any trimmings can be taken to the Casper Regional Solid Waste Facility compost yard for free."

Information on arranging a yard call, tree trimming techniques, disposal of yard waste, or to obtain a Boulevard Tree Trimming and Removal permit can be found on the City’s website ( or by calling the Parks and Rec Department.

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