Wyoming has a long history of some great planes that have landed at our airports. From airmail pioneers in WWI surplus biplanes laying out the first airmail rout to Amelia Earhart testing a weird flying contraption cross country.

Here are 5 videos of some surprising aircraft that have landed in Wyoming.


  • 1

    Pukin Dog Lands

    Not every day you see a Pukin Dog at your local airport.

  • 2


    Land For Frontier Days

  • 3

    Old B-17

    She lands and is parked by the hanger where they attached the Cheyenne Turret.

  • 4

    New 777

    Testing a new jetliner in heavy cross winds bring the 777 to Cheyenne.

  • 5

    Helicopters Above

    Ever wonder what the view is like from those helicopters that practice over Cheyenne? Have a look from their point of view.

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