Has anyone else noticed the light at the intersection of Yellowstone and 1st Street quite literally only stays green for one car to make it through?

There are a few other locations locally that are almost as bad, but this one seems to be by far the worst. To add insult to injury, this particular intersection is it's only that way for north and south bound traffice. The east and west bound lights are normal.

It's kind of a funky intersection to begin with, but staying green for less than three seconds (less than thirty actually) just seems to be a little ridiculous.

I go this way to work almost everyday, so that's probably why I notice, but I am curious as to why that is even an issue at all. Not to be a tattletale, but that's probably why I've seen so many vehicles over the years run that light.

Have you noticed in other Casper intersections that are as bad with the one-car green light issue?

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