Although it has been cooling off around 8:00 pm when the sun starts to set, we've still managed to have some decent weather. Even though we're already into the second week of September, the summer temperatures are returning.

Surprisingly, I've already begun to see people in their fall attire, but we may have pulled the sweaters and hoodies out of storage just a little soon this year. For the remainder of the workweek, the National Weather Service in Riverton, is predicting a warm next few days.

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Wednesday's high is estimated to be around 86°, but for both Friday and Saturday in the Casper area, we can expect to see temperatures over 90° during the daylight hours. The low temperature for all three nights will be in the mid 50° area.

By Saturday, it will be much cooler, with the daytime high estimated to be around 80° and the low coming in at a balmy 46°.

This is the time to enjoy those last few days soaking up the sun in Alcova or jogging around outside in your short shorts and tank tops. Flip flop season is almost over and fall is around the corner. That is of course, if all the pumpkin spice lattes and summer clothing clearance sales didn't already give it away.

Now if only the wind (and maybe some hardcore rain), could wash and/or blow away all this smoke.

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