If you drive anywhere else in America, you probably see normal things like other vehicles and maybe a tree or two. In Wyoming, you see two bears balancing on a fence if you’re the guy that shared this video.

The driver said he/she was driving over Togwotee Pass in Wyoming when they were startled to see this pair of gravity-defying animals.

I thought I was pretty well aware of the abilities of bears, but this one caught me a little by surprise. I checked out the North American Bear Center website and it explains how bears have super-sharp vision, a sense of smell that is 100 times better than a human. They can run over 30 mph and their hearing is light years better than a person like me. I guess you can add an insane sense of balance to the “bears do this better than humans” list.

Like I said, you just never know what you’ll see when driving on Wyoming roads. Balancing bears are a definite possibility here.

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