If you're on social media at all, there's a good chance you follow comedians. Comedians bring humor and lightheartedness to a dark and twisted world online.

There are family friendly comedians, comedians that are dirty, some that are over the top and then you have those that are eccentric. You wonder what happened to some of these comedians to make them want to pursue this particular career.

One comedian I've begun following is Rodney D. Norman, to look at him or watch his videos you're really not sure what to think. Then when you really start 'getting' his comedy, he's REALLY funny.

Very dry, but witty. Eccentric, but well put together. One of the best parts of Rodney's humor is that he's really a positive person and gives words of encouragement in his videos. You can follow him on Instagram to get the positive words you may need to get through the day AND get a few laughs

His website describes him as a comedian, philosopher, joy sparker and friend. I'd love to be able to sit down and pick his brain.

From the first time you see him, you automatically like him. He's light-spoken and has a crazy 'mountain man' appearance. I've watched video after video of his humor that will catch you off guard and leave laughing.

At first, you're not really sure what's going on, then it hits you....you've been laughing with tears from his witty jokes and take on life.

In this Instagram video he's visiting Devil's Tower in Northeast Wyoming. You can tell that he's a little disappointed that he's not getting abducted by aliens, like in the "Encounters Of The Third Kind', then he's a little let down that the "Men In Black" aren't there to confront him.

The best part of most of Rodney's videos are the positive message that he leaves you with...In the video above, after the disappointment wears off that he's at just another tourist attraction, he signs off with

Oh Well, have a super awesome day

If you're feeling down, Rodney will pick you up. As you can see in a few of his latest videos that he's enjoying himself in Wyoming.




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