As a mom of five kids, with three of them boys, I am totally familiar with the "dinosaur phase".

You probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

That time when your child suddenly becomes obsessed with all things dinosaur. You read the same dinosaur book over and over...and over. Every item of clothing from their knit hat to their socks MUST have a dinosaur on it. They pack their dino toys everywhere with them, and they insist on spouting off all sorts of "fascinating" facts about Diplodocus.

A recent article from shared that kids that are obsessed with dinosaurs are smarter than those that aren't.

This statement is backed up by research done by a variety of Universities including Indiana and Wisconsin.

Scientists have found that children's obsessions with dinosaurs "enhance perseverance, improve attention and enhance skills of complex thinking as the processing of information."

Put into more simple language a self-led deep dive into a topic helps develop your child into the perfect student. It encourages deep thinking and a better ability to focus for longer amounts of time.

The article goes on to say that the interest needs to be initiated by the child not the parents, but encourages parents to help their children by offering opportunities for them to learn about their preferred topic.

Thankfully, if your child has picked dinosaurs as their favorite topic, there are plenty of local places you can take them.

You also have the option to participate in a Dinosaur Dig when in Thermopolis too!

Next time you're child corrects your pronunciation of Archaeopteryx just take a deep breath and remember, you're helping to ensure a 4.0 down the road.

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