I saw today that at one point Farmer's Almanac called Casper the 3rd worst winter city in the United States. How can this be true?

This is not new, but it's new to me. Farmer's Almanac originally shared this back in 2010. Casper is listed at #3 among worst cities for winter behind Syracuse, New York and Duluth, Minnesota. Being that close to Duluth cannot be a good thing.

The Farmer's Almanac story has some hilarious quotes. Here's one of my favorites:

As one native put it: “In the winter we have snow followed by wind, wind followed by snow, and wind and snow together. In some places the snow never hits the ground but gets worn out by the wind."

Classic. They also quoted one dude who said that you haven't been in a real blizzard until you've been through one in Wyoming. Does it make me a bad person to take this as a compliment?

Finding this story today is funny considering my wife and I were just talking about how much we enjoy the wild wind/weather of Casper and Wyoming in general. The land feels untamed and I mean that as a good thing. A very good thing. No matter what Farmer's Almanac thinks.

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