Video games have become one of the most popular things to do as a pass time for the younger generation, but they have also made for an increase in jobs as well. Fortnite is at the top of the gaming world as of the last couple of years.

So why isn't it a more popular thing in Wyoming? Most people think it's because of our population compared to bigger states we just don't have the numbers to be in the same league as places like Alabama or Alaska.

Recently named the top states that are absolutely obsessed with Fortnite and some of the other popular online streaming games.

Happily, Wyoming is yet again at the bottom of that list. Not because we don't play video games, but because we just have better things to do with our time than spend 10-12 hours a day playing a video game that really has no purpose.

Although these 15 and 16-year-olds are making a massive amount of money as you can see in the video above, video games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and League Of Legends, are making kids millions of dollars when they live stream.

But at what cost?

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