An investigation conducted by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, with the help of the Casper Police Department, has led to four being charged in connection to a fentanyl distribution ring that was involved in at least one non-fatal overdose, possibly another non-fatal overdose and possibly a fatal overdose.

According to documents filed in Natrona County District Court, the following people have been charged:

  • Tyler Scott Bressette (the ringleader) - Intent to distribute fentanyl; possession of a controlled substance, fentanyl
  • Alexis Frederick Milani - Conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance X2
  • James Robert Nicholson - Conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance
  • Christina Suzanne Amy - Conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance

Court documents state Wyoming DCI, DEA and Casper Police Department began investigating Bressette in 2020 and continued the investigation through 2022.

During the course of that investigation, multiple co-conspirators were identified including Milani, Nicholson and Amy.

According to court documents, investigators interviewed a confidential informant who said they purchased three to eight fentanyl pills at a time from Bressette for $20 per pill on approximately four occasions around July 2021.

A second confidential informant told authorities that they purchased Bressette's fentanyl pills through Amy and Milani, court documents state.

Court documents allege a third confidential informant stated they purchased pills from Bressette and described him as the most consistent supplier they knew.

And a fourth confidential informant reportedly told authorities that they purchased pills from Bressette or Milani. They also described Bressette as the "biggest pill dealer they knew" in Casper.

Bressette was arrested on unrelated charges in November 2021 and officers found 27 fentanyl pills along with a small amount of methamphetamine on Bressette's person.

A subsequent search of Bressette's phone showed a conversation with a dealer out of Colorado known as "Pacc." In the conversation, Pacc and Bressette discuss Bressette purchasing 500 fentanyl pills, court documents state. The conversation also made mentions of Milani accompanying Bressette to Colorado.

On December 8, 2021, DCI agents received an anonymous online tip following the suspicious deaths of two men. The tip stated Bressette and Amy supplied the men with fentanyl.

It was later determined that one of the men died from a mixed-drug overdose consisting of fentanyl and cocaine. It hasn't been substantiated that the man received his fentanyl from Bressette or Amy.

According to charging documents, police were called to Bressette's residence in connection to a non-fatal drug overdose in January. Bressette told officers that he arrived at his house to find a woman unresponsive on his living room couch. Bressette reportedly told police that the woman had pneumonia and that is why he took her to the hospital.

The woman told police that she'd known Bressette for several years but had only recently reconnected. She also described them as being in a relationship together.

A search of Bressette's residence following the overdose call yielded two jars containing 805 whole fentanyl tablets and 17 partial tablets, court documents state.

On February 5, a woman suffered a suspected fentanyl overdose in Casper. The woman went on to tell police that she snorted fentanyl and that she'd started using the drug after moving into Bressette's residence. The woman said she'd stolen the pills from a residence, but refused to say whether it was Bresette's.

Nicholson and Amy were arrested in Converse County and Milani was also involved in the contact with authorities.

Court documents state during the Converse County arrest, sheriff's deputies found Nicholson to be in possession of 193 fentanyl pills. Amy was found to be in possession of fentanyl residue.

While in custody, Nicholson reportedly gave evasive answers, but did provide the following information to police, court documents state:

  • Nicholson, Amy and Milani traveled to Cheyenne to purchase fentanyl. Milani arranged the purchase.
  • Nicholson provided $700 to Milani to purchase the pills.
  • Nicholson denied planning on selling the pills, instead, describing himself as an "investor." He refused to answer if Milani intended to sell the pills.

Mugshots of those involved in the case were not immediately available. 

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