Would you consider getting married at a Taco Bell?  What if I told you it would save you a ton of money?  Interested now?

Well as crazy as this might sound, crazy delicious that is!! Especially if you're planning on getting married soon... Taco Bell is opening up a new chapel in Las Vegas right on the strip and they will soon be offering wedding packages.

Their package includes a Taco Bell brand garter, bow tie, a wedding bouquet (made from sauce packets), Taco Bell champagne flutes, Taco Bell 'Just Married' Tee Shirts for the bride and groom as well as a wedding cake (made with Cinnabon Delights).  Plus the bride and grooms first meal - a 12 pack of tacos.

Best of all you get this entire wedding package for only $600 and that includes the full ceremony and officiant.  Even better, you can get married with as little as four hours notice! (* marriage license is NOT included*)

Better reserve your spot now as the new Taco Bell wedding chapel is set to open later this summer!

But if you do get married at Taco Bell, please bring us back a couple of crunchy taco supremes and an order of nacho fries.

Source: Taco Bell

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