When a new business moves into a small town, it can sometimes cause some friction.

Many of the townspeople like the town the way it is, small, and can become irritated at the thought of things changing.

Other business owners in the area may see it as a threat to their already limited access to customers.

Other townspeople are excited to see new businesses coming in and ready and willing to support the business...only to be disappointed by lack of inventory, irregular hours, or terrible customer service.

A Dollar General opened in my small town of Glenrock, Wyoming and now that is has been open for several weeks I was interested to hear what the town thought of it.

I had heard a lot of good things from my friends, so I expected to hear a lot of positives, but I was shocked to only receive RAVES about this new store...and not a single rant.

Here's What The Town Of Glenrock, Wyoming Has To Say About The New Dollar General

A new Dollar General just opened up in Glenrock, Wyoming. Here's what the town has to say about the store...

There were dozens more comments that I didn't share, with many of the townspeople simply saying "love it".

For a lot of reasons, I hope that Dollar General continues to thrive.

I think if they can keep on having great inventory, a clean store, and the seemingly great customer service that everyone raved about, it can become a long-term success in our small town.

Side note, Dollar General does not stock fresh fruit or vegetables. I recommend stopping by Super Foods in Glenrock, Wyoming if you need to pick up either of those products.

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