A Guernsey woman, Lacie Collar, is currently competing in the Inked Cover Girl Contest.

Lacie is a mother of two boys, Mason and Huxley, ages 11 and 4 respectively. Her voting profile reads:

I’m 27 born and raised in Wyoming! I have two amazing boys! I love the outdoors and pretty much just love to have a great time :)

Lacie is currently in 6th place for her group (at the time of this article). You are allotted one free vote per day, but additional votes can be purchased for a dollar per vote, with a portion of the proceeds going to the non-profit MusiCares.

In addition to the gracing the cover of Inked, the winner will also receive $25,000.

Wyoming has always been excellent when it comes to supporting our own, so let's all rally together to get Lacie in the number one spot!

Lacie Collar
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