There's been an interesting new investigation into the legendary Fenn treausre. A guy came to Wyoming and believe he's narrowed down it's likely whereabouts.

If somehow you're not familiar with the Fenn treasure, there is a Wikipedia page filled with all kinds of juicy details. Here's a simple explanation from Wikipedia:

The Fenn Treasure is a treasure reportedly worth over a million dollars supposedly hidden by art dealer and author Forrest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains. Many people believe that the treasure is located in Yellowstone.

This treasure has been the inspiration for shows like Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates which looked for the treasure on an episode back in 2015.

While many hunters think the treasure is in or near Yellowstone, the guy in the video above believes it may be near Cody. As he states near the beginning of the video, he began his search near the graveyard in Cody because of certain hints in Fenn's poem.

Later in his video, he thinks there are some possibilities in the ravine around Cody. At first glance, I wondered out loud why someone that wants to find the Fenn treasure would publicly share their research before they find it. I appreciate this guy's spirit in trying to contribute what he learned even though it might lead someone else to the riches.

The Fenn treasure has intrigued many in Wyoming as there's a good chance it's located somewhere within our state. Could this guy be onto something thinking it's closer to Cody than Yellowstone? Maybe you will now want to make a road trip to find out for yourself.

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