Casper has a lot of beautiful scenery and majestic wonders, but possibly one of the most unique is the 'All Seeing Eye' house.

We spoke with the home owner, Nickolas O'Herra, who gave us the history on this iconic Casper landmark:

The house was built in 79' and took my Grandfather, father and mother 8 years to build. Using reclaimed/used, almost petrified wood. The eye was placed on the gable to allow natural light in. My father was not satisfied with just a plain skylight or window. So he always wanted to have his artistic and unique talent for building shown in a magazine such as Home & Garden. He admitted he hand painted what is today known as the all seeing eye.

My father and mother built it from the ground up with their bare hands. It holds a very inspiring aura to continue finishing it myself, like I believe my father would have wanted it. It is one of the 7 wonders of Casper as well. The cars always come by and stop for pictures. Even high school kids have made horror movies and stories for school. The tourist love it and the trick or treaters are always nervous to knock.

All Seeing Eye House
Nickolas O'Herra

The house is located at 1033 North Kimball Street. The O'Herras welcome tourists and locals alike to enjoy their home, they just ask that folks are respectful.

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