When you google 'petroglyphs in Wyoming' there are three major sites that come up. White Mountain petroglyph site, Castle Gardens and Legend Rock State petroglyph site.

Not saying that there aren't more than that and likely there are MANY more, but just not as publicized.

I've been lucky enough to check out Castle Gardens and Legend Rock. Both are extraordinary sites with lots of jaw dropping history.

BUT there are a couple differences.

Castle Gardens is a well taken care of site that has manicured paths, benches and fencing around some of the more historic petroglyphs.

Legend Rock on the other hand is rustic, dirty and felt more spiritual.

A quick recap of what a petroglyph is...

Petroglyph is an image that's made by chiseling, picking and carving a rock to create the rock art. The petroglyphs are symbols that show us a little of what the societies, religions and nature of surrounding tribes. The sites were, and still are, the sites of traditional ceremonies happen.

The History at Legend Rock

Legend Rock has been a sacred Native American site for thousands of years. The oldest petroglyph on the 1,312 foot rock cliff, is estimated to be 11,000 years old. Think about the timing of that...incredible, right?

Over time concern grew for the preservation of the historic site, and in 1973 the state of Wyoming acquired the land to maintain it so it can be enjoyed by people for years to come. It was also then that the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

While exploring the cliff, you can certainly tell that many of those that took the time to create the images were on a spiritual journey. In all the reading I've done about the site, it's still really up in the air on how some of the images were created.

Visiting Legend Rock is a MUST SEE site while exploring Wyoming. It's pretty close to being right in the middle of the state, so easy access within a days drive of nearly everywhere in the state.

Legend Rock Map
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