"It all starts at home."

It's a phrase that we hear often, and likely don't think about for more than a few moments.

After all, duh.

Of course who and what we become starts at home.

According to research most of us have generally developed our personalities and characteristics by the age of 6. A generally happy 4 year old will likely remain that way, barring any major trauma.

But, what happens when children are born to parents that never had a positive example of their own?

What happens to children who are unable to live with one or both parents?

What about children born into families that are in crisis; specifically, vulnerable families dealing with child abuse and neglect, parental substance abuse issues, domestic violence and separation, and divorce?

This is where Casper Family Connections steps up to the plate.

They're committed to providing Natrona County with quality, specialized services for at-risk children and their families that may be impacted by separation and the court process.


What does this support for families look like?

If you'd like to help Casper Family Connections you have the perfect opportunity this weekend,

It's their annual "Boots & Bling" Fundraiser.

The event is at Cory's Occasions and tickets only cost $40. This cost includes excellent food, a free drink ticket, a free gift, entry in the door prize drawings, and a chance to win a $100 gift card.

The evening will include games, music, and a silent auction.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or bought ahead of time.

Find instructions and links below.

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