Summertime in our home is all go go GO.

And most of our activities consist of spending hours of time outside.

Because of my work schedule, I often grab the kids in the later morning and then hit the road to make those summer memories.

That means we're often eating lunch while out and about.

Going through the drive-through isn't something I like to do. After all, that gets pretty pricy with five kids.

Instead, I pack a cooler bag with food that they can easily eat on the go and that all of them enjoy. Because we often meet up with friends that get hungry at the same time as mine, I make sure our food is easily sharable.

Below is a look at the 8 Foods I always have on hand so that I am always ready for a Summertime adventure.

9 Must Have Items For The Perfect Wyoming Summer Picnic

Summertime at our house is all about getting out and enjoying the gorgeous weather. For a busy mom, it's all about easy-to-eat snacks that are somewhat healthy too. Take a look at what Prairie Wife, a mom of 5, likes to have in her picnic bag.

Sometimes to mix things up, I'll throw in some Lunchables for the kids to eat.

They also enjoy pepperoni slices or jerky.

Every once in a while, I've been known to surprise them with some fruit snacks or some other sweat treat. Just make sure you pick items that won't melt in the heat.

Is there a must-have Summertime food you think we missed?

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